Start From Where You Are - Yoga


I once heard, "You practice yoga in a class, but you learn yoga one on one." In order for one to get the most out of your practice, it is important to work one-on-one so we can address your specific needs. That way, when you do attend a public class or practice on your own, you have tools that are specific to you.

"Ann Bruck is a fantastic trainer and yoga instructor. She senses the needs of each participant and is empathetic in realizing modifications may be necessary. "
- Judy F.


Get Comfortable Sitting - Meditation

Mindfulness is the hot buzz word swirling around media these days. By incorporating a regular meditation practice such as Vipassana or Metta, you will see small changes that lead to big transformations. Meditation will steadily shift everything back to center. 

Begin what could become a lifelong practice with a single one-on-one session and see where it takes you.


  • One-on-one yoga in your home, office or local park.
  • Small group yoga (minimum of five, maximum depends on the size of your space) in your home, office or local park.
  • One-on-one meditation in your home, office or Skype.
  • Small group meditation (minimum of five, maximum depends on the size of your space) in your home or office.

"Working with Ann helped build strength and flexibility, which helped deepen my interest in yoga and running. If I had to select one thing about how she incorporates this into every day life, I would have to say her genuine caring nature and approach. Ann has the rare ability to provide each client with undivided attention and really tune into their needs in that particular moment. She is forever kind and giving. I feel blessed to have her in my life."


Not in the Boston area?

Planning to travel for work and need to keep up with your practice?