Available Workshops

Roll Call

Be present from moment to moment.

roll call


Roll Call is a one day retreat that brings together Mind, Body & Spirit. Sometimes we need to take a step back and ask ourselves some tough questions and to respond out-loud in order for us to move forward. Learn to be present with your whole self through conversation one-on-one and in small groups, journaling, movement which might include yoga or dance and getting back to our childhood roots and play.

  • Build self-esteem and confidence. Become aware of your words and actions.
  • Gain The Power to be Who YOU Are without Reservations.

Roll Call will come to your home, office or studio and be tailored to any specific needs.  



low lunge

Building from the ground, up.

Feel more confident going into a public class or starting your own home practice.

Imagine feeling confident walking into a public class, ready to have a deeper experience. This will happen after taking the Align & Flow workshop. Thoughtful sequencing, detailed cuing along with shared experience, you will come away with a better understanding of breathing techniques, connection of breath and body, asanas (poses) both in English and Sanskrit and a taste of bliss. In addition, you will get a packet to take away with you. This will help you continue your practice with confidence and understanding.


"Ann's group yoga classes are just about the best offered at the gym. In every class, she is aware of each person, constantly monitoring for possible adjustments that might need to be addressed. On a personal note, she is warm, friendly, dependable, interested and interesting, and has a good sense of humor."
- S.P.


Yoga, Meditation, and Eating

Make the Most of Your Lunch Break - While Still Eating

Are you handcuffed to the desk all day long, including eating your lunch there? Feel like you need a time-out? This workshop is just for you. Time is valuable. But where to find the time?  

This is a great opportunity to learn how to create that work-life balance everyone keeps talking about. Learn to disconnect for a few moments to incorporate self-care; yoga, meditation and eating. The value of movement, meditation and proper nutrition will make you more efficient at work and feel better overall.

Spread the word. Your co-workers will thank you.


Building Your Home Practice

Practice Yoga in the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Without a strong foundation, it is difficult to build from the ground up. Start building your practice in the comfort of your home with a few foundational poses. These are the building blocks to take you deeper. We don't use our bodies to get into poses. We use poses to get into our bodies. 

You will see that all the space you need is the size of your mat.  

  • Learn how to connect with your breath.
  • Learn to connect breath and body.
  • Learn what props to have handy.
  • Learn common poses seen in a foundational class.
  • Learn both English and Sanskrit names of poses.

Meditation for Golfers

Make it a game of less recovery. dial it in, stroke by stroke.


Golfers spend astronomical amounts of time watching YouTube videos on "How to Improve your Swing." They spend hours on the driving range or putting green trying figure out the right motion. Ridiculous amounts of money are spent on lessons, new clubs and technology, all in hopes of lowering the handicap.  

Change your approach from a game of recovery to a game of being dialed in. Through specific breathing techniques and visualization, learn how to better control your game from start to finish.