Hi, I'm Ann, and I'm glad you're here! 

I use Yoga & Personal Training to help you live with less pain, more strength and a greater sense of ease both physically and mentally.


With two decades of experience, I've learned a lot about what works, and what doesn't work.

If you're working with an injury, and have just settled into a pattern of "dealing with it" it's time to re-evaluate. Even if you've tried physical therapy, yoga, massage and chiropractic and haven't experience the type of relief you want, 

It's not too late to feel better.


My Path to Coaching 


From an early age, I began exploring the world of health and wellness through sports, education and life experience. As a personal trainer and yoga instructor, I love helping people explore, learn and understand what the human body and mind is capable of doing.  Personal training and yoga offer many essential benefits on their own – they are also a wonderful compliment to each other.

My training career began while still in college. I had a great opportunity to work with student athletes in a strength and conditioning setting. From there it blossomed into the general public. Since that first introduction, I have taken continuing education courses to stay on top of the latest research.

My yoga practice began as a means to supplement all of the training I was doing for a triathlon. Soon afterward, I began to see more than just the physical benefits. My mental and emotional well-being began to improve as well. 


Training, Yoga & Movement specialties


Personal Training, Yoga & Movement for Seniors

movement-training-therapy-for seniors

I am deeply passionate about offering specialized training and yoga for seniors. As your body changes, maintaining and enhancing your strength and range of motion is crucial. My approach is gentle, compassionate, and fun. Every day is a new chance to enjoy your life more fully.

Personal Training, Yoga & Movement for Special Considerations


I specialize in working with cancer patients, obesity, pre/post natal, general weight loss, senior citizens, athletes at all levels (including professional golfers) and those with a thirst of improving their lives as a whole.


The Yoga of Recovery 


I have done extensive study with Nikki Myers and her Yoga of 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR). As someone that participates in the al-anon program, I have an understanding of what addiction and depression do to our bodies and our mind. Working with people who deal with mental health challenges on a daily basis is one of my passions.

Other Areas of specialization

  • YogaWorks teacher training
  • Insight Meditation Society seven day silent retreat
  • Workshops with Seane Corn, Barron Baptiste, Nikki Myers, Josh Summers, Alana Kaivalya, Barbara Benagh
  • USA Weightlifting
  • Z-Health and Performance
  • TRX 
  • Kettlebell 
  • ViPR

"Ann is a consummate professional, not content in her command of the field but continually expanding her knowledge of physical and emotional health and sharing this information with us. This knowledge in turn becomes a motivator throughout our daily lives. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone seeking to maintain their physical well being."
- Steve

Well & Fully Alive

In addition to personal training and teaching yoga, I am also a Wellness Coach. As a Wellness Coach, I am able to dive a little deeper emotionally with clients to help them find their health and wellness vision.  


Ready to begin your own wellness journey?