It's more than a Game

It is true, professional athletes earn lots of money.  Big contracts.  Big endorsements.  They hit home runs.  Throw hail marys.  Toss no-look passes.  To many of us it's just a game.  For them, it's their job and it's more than a game.

This last week has been emotional in the sports world.  A young rising star from the Marlins lost his life in a boating accident.  To see the tributes, tears, and solo home run with the first pitch showed it's more than a game.

Today David "Big Papi" Ortiz played his final regular season game with the Boston Red Sox.  His career in Boston has helped shaped the city.  While he has many accolades on the field, what he's done in the community is more impressive.  Taking charge after the marathon bombing, his famous words, "This is our f#&*ing city."  He has spent countless hours visiting children in hospitals and helped more than 500 kids in the USA and his native country, the Dominican Republic, have life saving surgery through his David Ortiz Children's Fund.  His career was more than a game.

Below are some great acts of sportsmanship proving it's more than a game-

Sports have always been part of my life.  But so many life lessons were learned, making it more than a game.