Climb out of your Comfort Zone

We create routines and habits.  They allow us to stay on track, build familiarity and provide consistency.  Some gravitate toward  the treadmills.  Others will hit the weights.  Class numbers are high.  

While it is important to have routine, it also runs the risk of hitting a plateau or boredom.  There are easy ways to change up the normal routine to avoid these from happening.

  1. If you typically jump on a treadmill to warm up before your workout, seek out the rowing machine.  Try to hit 500 meters under 2:15.  It is a great way to hit all the joints, warm up the muscles and increase your heart rate.
  2. Increase the volume.  If you typically lift for 2 sets, 10-12 reps at a lighter weight, try this: 3 sets, 6-8 reps and increase the weight by 2.5%.
  3.  Try a new sport, something that challenges you such as parkour or indoor rock climbing.  These are great for building strength, stamina, mobility and problem solving.  Many rock gyms have bouldering and belay walls along with challenge walls you might see on a show like America Ninja Warrior.
  4. Slow it down.  So many of us are go go go all day long, and that's also how we approach our workout.  Take a restorative yoga class to help reset the nervous system.  Relax, renew.
  5. Find a partner and play Letterball.  This is a simple game of catch, with a twist.  Take a sharpie marker, write letters of the alphabet on the ball.  As you play catch, call out the letter you see right before it hits your hands. 

These small changes offer the opportunity for the body and mind to react differently to your every day routine.  For more ideas-