We are our Choices

Yesterday I had a great phone conversation with a dear friend of mine from childhood.  Much of what we spoke about was the importance of choice.  For example, we shared what type of clothing we wear while running when it's cold outside.  We spoke about our roles in society and the importance of using our voice.  The topic of conversation included the choice of me living in the city and she living in a small rural mid-western town.  I shared about my journey of meditation and growing interest in Buddhism while stepping away from the religion I was raised in.  She shared the family's decision on who works and who is home full time with the kids.  

At the end of the one+ hour talk, it was clear that we are all free to make our own choices but we are not free from the consequences of our choices.

This is an interesting time of year.  Many of us are surrounded by extra temptations.  It might be around food and beverage at holiday parties, do I sleep in or to the gym, or when do I go out and shovel the sidewalk.  Sometimes in life, we have much more difficult choices to make around health care or a financial situation.  High school students are applying to colleges, a big life choice for them.  

As we begin to tackle these choices, I am reminded of a phrase I heard at the first retreat I was on, mind the gap.  To me this means taking a moment to pause, assess and create a response instead of a reaction.  I am guilty of the latter on many occasions.  But I am putting in a lot of effort into minding the gap when facing choices however small or big they may seem.

In a few weeks, I am starting the BE WELL PROJECT-2017.  If you join, you will receive daily notes of inspiration and motivation to help you move forward to a better version of you.  Much of what will be shared is about choice.  I invite you to join today and make the commitment to living a healthier you.

Want more information about the BE WELL PROJECT or anything in general, drop me a line.

Until next time, be well-