Trend Setting

In less than 48 hours many people will begin to flock to gyms, boutique studios, seek out personal trainers and health coaches as resolutions are set.  Below are three of the many trends I see being popular in 2017.

Wearable Technology It seems that technology is taking over our lives and this includes the fitness industry.  Wearing devices such as watches and heart rate monitors help us track important information.  It was once thought to be just for competitive athletes.  The regular gym goer can track their information too.  These devices track everything from heart rate, steps, calories, laps, splits, distance, time, altitude (just to name a few).  As these devices vary in price and function, do your research to compare which is best for you based on your goals.

Boutique Studios While big box gyms will always be in existense, the opening of boutique studios is on the rise.  These are studios that specialize one specific workouts or concepts.  For example: barre, bootcamp, TRX, spin, treadmill/running, boxing, indoor rock climbing, American Ninja Warrior inspired.  These are great opportunities to try out classes or workouts you may shy away from in general.  I encourage that if you do explore these specialty workouts, be sure to let the instructor know you are new and disclose any injury that you may be working with.

The role of Personal Trainers I have seen and experienced the role of personal trainer shift several times since I entered the industry in 2000.  While many of us are there to help provide great workouts, we are more than that.  I see us becoming more of a coach.  We hold you accountable, we provide specific programs based on your needs and wants, we provide motivation.  Topics of conversation include nutrition, sleep, time management, regeneration.  This helps to provide the best service for you.  

Are you ready to get started TODAY for 2017?