A few years back I started a project that I am bringing back to life.  This time I am calling it the BE WELL PROJECT-2107.  Join us as we begin to create better versions of ourselves through health and wellness.  The concept is simple; each month we will focus on one daily habit to incorporate into our daily lives.  

Studies show that it takes around 28 days for a new habit to form and stick.  So...a month sounds perfect for each new focus.  Ideas floating around include nutrition, sleep, meditation, strength training, general movement patterns.

At the beginning of each month, I will share what our focus will be and then post daily motivational/inspirational videos, quotes and other musings.

This project was originally going to be done Facebook as a group.  And that part still exists.  But I am also adding an alternative way to participate, a email group.  I understand that not everyone is on social media or tries to limit their usage.  The email group will receive the daily messages that are posted to the Facebook group page.

Join now so you are ready to begin January 1, 2017-

Please feel free to invite friends and family.  The more support we have as a whole, the stronger our community will be.

Until next time, 

Be Well-