Time to Reboot

Breckenridge, Door Coutny, Perham, the Apostle Islands and now, Lubec.  These are just a few of the summer vacations I hold close to my heart.  All very unique in their own way, but hold something in common; a great opportunity to take time to reboot.

As kids, we spent much of our summer vacation camping, fishing, cooking s'mores and connecting with ourselves and one-another.  We read books, played games in the car, had conversations.  No tablets, computers or electronic devices to keep us occupied.  Well, maybe I have a vague memory of a walk-man at some point along the way.

At the end of July I had a wonderful opportunity to spend a week vacation with my parents.  It was the first real vacation I've had in a long time.  The nearly seven hour drive from Boston to the most eastern point of the United States brought back many of those childhood memories.  

We stayed in a small fishing village where the public library or the coffee shop was our go-to spot for wifi service.  Most of the restaurants closed by 8:30pm.  Whale watching, sunrises, searching for sea glass and mid-day naps were my highlights.  Spending time with mom and dad, living the simple life and reconnecting with myself was the perfect reboot that was long overdue.

There are many great benefits to taking vacation.  Decreases in stress and increases to productivity just to name a few.  But there are so many more.