Triple Threat

Sitting down on the couch, I turn on the television for the first time today and it happens to be women's basketball; UConn vs Tulane.  What an impressive streak the Huskies have going.  I don't think there is any other program in any college program that has done what they have.  Watching these two teams battle it out brings back many of the memories from my childhood days and what it was like to learn the sport of basketball.  One of the things that was most ingrained by coaches was triple threat.  

For those unfamiliar with the phrase, it means that when a player receives the ball, they have three options- shoot, pass or dribble. There are some players whose tendency is to favor one over the others.  When in reality, looking at the whole situation to know which is best is what we try to learn.  I thought this could be a nice analogy when it comes to fitness.  

The triple threat- strength training, cardiovascular endurance and mobility/flexibility.  When most of us hit the gym, there is one area of focus we tend to favor over the others.

But when we tend to focus on just one aspect of fitness, it can lead to disruption of the nervous system, breathing patterns and injury due to repetitive motions.  Finding a balance between the three has been one of the greatest reasons I have remained virtually (chronic) free.

By incorporating all three aspects, you will feel better balanced and stronger overall.

Benefits to Strength Training-

  • protects bone health and muscle mass
  • develops better body mechanics
  • disease prevention
  • increased in calories burned
  • boosts brain power

Benefits to Cardiovascular Endurance

  • decreases stress
  • better sleep
  • increased energy
  • stronger heart and lungs
  • improved circulation

Benefits to Mobility/Flexibility

  • increased range of motion in joints
  • less restriction in muscles
  • improved balance
  • assists in posture
  • reduces risk of injury

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