mental health

10 years and counting

Ten years ago today a t-shirt with the words To Write Love On Her Arms was worn on a musical stage.  That was the beginning of a rEVOLution.  To see their journey, check out this video.

TWLOHA is an organization dedicated to building a community that creates awareness and provides support for those effected by depression, addiction, self-harm and suicide.  I am a proud supporter of this cause.  So much, the word LOVE is permanently inked on my left forearm.

Nearly twenty years ago while in high school I lost a dear friend.  It almost seemed forbidden to talk about the importance of mental health at that time.  What our society is beginning to realize since then is how important it is to build a community of hope.  Breaking down the barriers of stigma and creating real conversations.  Depression and addiction do not discriminate against gender, race, religion, or social status.

Need help?  Reach out to me!  I will be there for you in whatever way I can.  Or for other local resources, click here.

YOU matter.  Hope is real.  Help is real.

be well-